Nutritional value of seafood

When talking about the sea, what comes in many people’s mind is piracy, sea storms, sea surfing among other things. But have you ever thought of the sea as being a very generous supplier of foods with very high nutritional value?


Well, if not, then it is time for you to consider this fact. Many people depend on the seas and oceans as a primary source of food. When you talk about nutrition, fishing should be the first aspect that hits your mind. Fish is the most common food from the sea that man consumes. It has nutrients which include magnesium, vitamin A and D, selenium and phosphorus. These nutrients are good for infant development and protection against stroke in adults.


Fish is not the only seafood one can eat, we also have others like crabs, lobsters, oysters just but a few to mention. Generally, seafood has a lot of nutritional value and is beneficial to your body in the following ways;


1. It is good for your heart

Have you ever asked yourself why people in the Arctic region have very low levels of heart diseases? Well, you might wonder why, but it is simply because they consume so much of the sea foods, which contain omega-3.


Omega-3 has a low saturation of fats. Upon consumption, it lowers the amount of cholesterol in the blood and prevents individuals against heart diseases.  is a good resource to read about seafood a healthy choice.


Nutritional value of seafood


2. Weight reduction

If you have been struggling with your weight, then the best solution for you lies in the sea. Eating seafood can help you reduce a substantial amount of weight. Unlike diet pills, seafood is a natural weight loss supplement which benefits so many people including you. Seafood has been part of many weight loss programs for so many years, making it very efficient, effective and reliable.


3. Brain power

Sometimes I always think that geniuses are made from the sea. Well, I don’t mean born in the sea, but they come about by the continuous intake of seafood. The better part of the human brain is made up of fat, with most of it being omega-3.


Omega-3 is commonly found in fish, and when one eats it for long, there is no doubt that their brain level and thinking capacity will be enhanced. They are also unlikely to suffer from memory problems later on in life.


4. Glowing skin

Have you ever wondered why many celebrities have wonderful skin? Well, the secret is in the type of food they eat. A regular intake of seafood will play that role in a great way. Omega 3 is a nutritional supplement contained in sea foods that protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays and relieves the skin from conditions like eczema.


If seafood has never been in your daily menu, then make a point of making it a regular meal for you. It is now evident that seafood has a lot of nutritional value to the human body, therefore, don’t waste your time on artificial supplements. Let seafood be your main source of natural nutrients and supplements.




Eating healthy is always important. You need to eat more fish and be sure to stay away from farm raised fish. These can contain toxins that are harmful.

Seafood The Healthy Choice

When it comes to the preparation and eating dinner any parent or provider must consider a few number of elements.


For example, the person eating, the type of food he/she likes best, what he/she ate for lunch or dinner the night before, and the type of food that can be prepared in time to have a hot plate ready when the said person gets hungry.


However, at the top of this list, the major thing she will have the most consideration of is the healthy choice for her family. The food she serves her family will directly result in how healthy or unhealthy her family member’s diets are.


Without good balancing of food, even the active children or adults in her family would see adverse effects. And one way she will need to ensure that her family is provided a nutritious and satisfying meal is to serve them the seafood.



Understanding the nutritional value of seafood

Understanding seafood nutrition is an easy way to understanding how and why this type of food is an important part of a healthy balanced diet.


As with other varieties, the nutritional value of seafood is easily identifiable and undeniably exceptional in that the foods are naturally high in vitamin A, C, D, E and contain many other essential minerals such as iron, zinc selenium, and calcium.


Also, with low fat and calories, the food is also of the extremely high source of protein in that for a three ounce of the food you serve there will be ninety-five calories, one gram of fat and twenty grams of protein. Click here to read more information on nutritional value of seafood.


Cook Your Food

The above-mentioned numbers are well and good but to take full advantage of the nutritional value of the seafood. You will need to actually cook the food.


There are some fancy nutritional products out there in the market. These may help you cook your food better.  This can help provide your family with nutritious seafood. To make it easier, you can use fresh or frozen seafood.


You will be able to serve tasty and healthy dishes of seafood to your family all year long.


Seafood The Healthy Choice

The saturated and polyunsaturated fats

If you look closely at seafood nutritional information you will notice that certain dishes have higher cholesterol levels and fat than others.


However, what differentiates this type of fat is the fact that it tends to be polyunsaturated instead of the unhealthy saturated fats which the nutritionist warn against eating.


Fish that falls in his category include the salmon fish and catfish. The two contain fat but it is an overwhelming good kind of fat and thus when you are enjoying the meals made out of them you will be doing so guilt free.



You should never underestimate the power of seafood. This is because it is the type of food that has high healthy benefits and is easy to prepare. Thus when you are serving you can rest assure that your family will be getting the best of both worlds.

Bass Fishing Georgia

Both avid and amateur fisherman with a hook in one hand and a fork in the other will have plenty of choices in Georgia to satisfy his sport and his palate.


There are over 325 species of fish that abound in the waters of this state.

You probably already know that you should be eating fish twice a week. Starting with a lean, healthy source of protein and adding a plate full nutrients is hard to find elsewhere.


  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids – This will decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and cholesterol.
  • Low Fat Levels
  • High in Protein


Salmon and sardines are ranked in the top 10 nutrition dense foods on the planet. But one of the most coveted to end up on the end of your pole is bass.


The three best types of bass are:


  1. Largemouth bass
  2. Kentucky spotted bass
  3. Striped bass


Fly fishermen will only need an eight weight rod to catch any of these. Light tackle anglers will do well with a medium action spin or a bait casting outfit spooled with a twelve-pound test.


At only 90 calories and a superb 15g of protein and 3g of fat, this fish makes a great dinner choice.
If the bass is not on your menu you’ll want to set your sites on:



  • The bluegill – best bet here is small artificial baits with small in-line spinners, 2-in plastic worms or tiny jigs. Smaller the better.
  • Trout-If you just can’t “fly fish” then use live bait or a spawn bag with 3 eggs in it.
  • Crappie-You’ll want to adjust your bait depending on which of the four crappie seasons you are fishing in. These four surround spawning season. Use a light line as opposed to a bulky one.
  • Black Sea bass-You will do well with diamond jigs or small bucktails tipped squid strips. Even scented soft artificial baits are OK. On your bait rig use a 3ft, 30lb fluorocarbon leader attached to the main line.
  • Cobia-Use heavy tackle as these guys can make strong runs. Try live bait based on the natural feeding habits of the fish. Crabs, pinfish, shrimp or cuts of mullet.
  • Red Snapper-Bait with Cigar minnows, Pilchards or squid.
  • Bluefish-Always use cut bait and strong line.

Whatever you choose to fish be assured that every lake, stream, and reefs that you attempt have very special ways to fish. If you are a novice hire a guide or pro. If you have been at this a while do some research.

Bass Fishing Georgia


1. Lake Allatoona
2. Clark Hills Lake
3. Bobby Brown State Outdoor Recreation Area
4. Elijah Clark State Park
5. Mistletoe State Park
6. Lake Walter F. George
7. West Point Lake
8. Vogel State Park
9. Victoria Bryant State Park
10. Reed Bingham State Park
11. Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources three dozen artificial reefs.
12. Streams in the mountains of Northeast Georgia
13. Georgia’s 10 Public Fishing Areas

Fishing is a new challenge every time you hit the water. Adding the element of making your focus nutrition fishing will not only help you be a better sportsman but will ensure you are a healthier and conscientious cook and diner.

Health Benefits of Fish Consumption

Fishing trade is one of the largest evolving businesses across the world, prime reason behind its humongous consumption and proliferated demand is the availability of fishes everywhere. Fishing and consumption of fishery products have gone through a major change in recent times by being one of the fastest growing industries across the world but what is constant is the health benefits of including fish in our diet.

Fishing has always been a delightful and captivating experience for everyone, over the period of time it has evolved as a popular sport because of its remarkable uniqueness. Studies suggest that it is a great way to relax your mind and get over the monotony of routine life.

Advantages of Fish and Fish products

Benefits of fish consumption are multitudinous and fishes are a quintessential way of supplying your body with all the necessary nutrients which our daily food just don’t have.

Prime health advantages are

1. Ideal for cardiovascular system: Eating fish provides plenty of nutrition and significantly improves the blood circulation in the body by reducing the possibility of blood clotting and thereby minimizing the chances of stroke, heart attack or any other heart disease.

2. Improved Vision: Omega 3 fatty acid present in fishes improves our eyesight and reduces the chances of any health related problem where retina usually degenerate causing a blurred vision.

3. Superior and impeccable skin quality: Consumption of fishes and other sea foods safeguards your skin from harmful UV rays and fight symptoms of Psoriasis, presence of collagen and other nutrients help in maintaining skin quality.

Health Benefits of Fish Consumption

4. Muscle building and regeneration: Fishes are a huge protein source and contain the substantial amount of protein to help develop new and repair damaged muscles in the body.

5. Stronger bones and healthier joints: Ample presence of Vitamin D in fishes helps in making bones stronger, studies reveal that omega 3 helps in fighting against disease like osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative joint disease.

6. Benefits the brain: More that 55% of our brain is made up of fat and thus omega 3 fats present is sea foods are the best source of nutrients needed by brain, it does help in building up the concentration power and sharpen the memory but also helps in preventing many mental disorders, it also improves the sleep cycle and quality.

Apart from all the aforementioned benefits, fish consumption remarkably improves the immune system and considerably fights against the depression thereby improving the emotional balance in humans too. Fish products are not only used in medicines for treating severe medical conditions but even doctors advocate for its usage as supplements to treat problems that arise due to the scarcity and lack of crucial nutrients.

Fishes are of many types and health benefits associated may also vary but a broad classification can be as follows:

  1. Oily Fishes: Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Herring etc.
  2. Shellfishes: Lobsters, Mussels, Prawns, shrimps etc.
  3. White Fishes: Hake, Sole, Haddock, Cod, Plaice etc.

It is reasonable and justified to say that fishes and seafood contain life-strengthening and enhancing elements and is one of the most important forms of dietary supplements for most of our bodily requirements.